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Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial coaching?

Think of a personal trainer. The personal trainer's purpose is to guide you to better physical fitness and strength based on your personal goals and physical ability. A financial coach is very similar. We all grew up in very different environments when it comes to handling money. We were conditioned early on and sometimes we don't know why we spend and save the way we do. Sometimes you don't even know what you don't know until it becomes a problem. Financial coaching is like a personal trainer for your money and that's what I will do as your coach. 

When should I work with a financial coach?

When should an athlete work with a professional trainer? That’s the great thing about a financial coach—I can help you in any situation! Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs in student loans or credit card debt, or you’re having money fights with your spouse. Or maybe you have big money goals—like saving to buy a house or setting yourself up for retirement—but no plan to achieve them. Regardless, I can meet you where you’re at and steer you in the right direction to win with your money.

What is the difference between a financial coach and financial advisor?

A financial advisor is a licensed / registered professional that assists clients in building an investment portfolio based on the client’s risk tolerance. Generally this requires a significant amount of capital and is not readily available to someone with considerable debt.  This is where a financial coach is well suited to help you change habits and develop a plan to reduce debt, increase wealth, and reach savings goals. As we progress, I welcome the opportunity to make personal recommendations to trustworthy financial advisors that have the heart of a coach.

What can I expect?

As your coach, my goal is to create a judgement free atmosphere where we build mutual respect and trust. You already have beaten yourself up enough. I will provide encouragement and guide you to have clarity in your priorities so that you can make great decisions that will have a positive impact on your money, your future and ultimately your family tree which will enable you to become a better steward. 

Can I afford a financial coach?

Coaching is meant to put money back in your pocket. It’s the best way to help you develop the right money habits, mindset and put an end to your money problems. Some people will ask if they can afford it, but should be asking "Can I afford to not get help from a coach?"


If you’re trying to get out of debt, other options (like credit counseling and bankruptcy) only manage the symptoms and cost you a lot more. They don’t change the habits that got you there. And the cost of bankruptcy is more than a financial burden—it’s a stain on your personal record.


There’s no better way to establish good money habits than by having a personal money mentor who understands your situation. And sidenote: You should never be ashamed of your financial struggles when working with me. I'm here to encourage you. I'm a trained professional who works with people from all walks of life and all ranges of income. Whatever you’re going through, it’s okay.

How do I prepare for my coaching session?

The great part about working with me is that I’ll guide you through every step of the process. During our first consultation, I will ask questions to get to know you—your goals, your dreams, your past, your pain points, etc. So be sure to have your answers ready.

What if my spouse is not on board?

Marriage is not “me”—it’s “we.” Working on your finances together is the only way to succeed when it comes to money. Not only that, many couples find that talking about money actually reduces stress in their marriage. If you’re having difficulty getting your spouse on board, I can still work with you to implement strategies to help bring your spouse along. 

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